Saturday, May 31, 2014

Feral Brewing Company

I love to promote a true blue aussie product and you can't get anything more aussie then a Pub, and in this case it's a bloody ripper Brewery in the bush outside Perth. The Feral Brewing Company has been making beer now since 2002 and isn't it a bloody beaut beer if I may say so myself, but you don't have to take my word for it as they have won heaps of awards a total of 12 from 5 years at the Australian International Beer Awards. Last year alone they won 'The best Porter award' with their stout named 'Boris', also with production over 5 million litres per year theirs a fair few others who like the drop.

The Feral brewery's beer list includes styles from all corners of the world including Belgium white Ales, Pilsners, American IPAs, and sours beers! crikey sour beer doesn't sound to nice but the people in the know reckon it's spot on. 

One of the Feral's top drops is a FERAL WHITE which comes in at a normal 4.6%, it's made to a true Belgium style with half wheat and half burley sturred in with a Belgium yeast.
  The WHITE is about as cloudy as a wet katoomba satdy arvo, and has a finish which is about as spicy as a Gold Coast pole-dancer.

 There biggest seller is the HOP HOG which is a beaut 5.8% and is without doubt Feral's best selling beer, and for the astute drinker it's an Arnold schwarzenegger style Indian Pale Ale. They add a heavy hit of American hops during the boil, and late at the fermenting stage which gives the HOP a strong pine needle aroma. Now the image of ya wrapping your laughing gear around a friggin' piece of tree drop-off, might not appeal to some but fairdinkum it's actually quiet nice... better then eating bloody bark! And the taste is finished off with an aggressive ending which is  about as dry as a dead dingos donger.

 At the brewery you can either sit inside having a gander at the bar space and the nick nacks on the walls, or you can take the misses out back with a drink over looking the Lamonts vineyard. Also there is a real nice veranda as you can see where you can get right into ya tucker, some nights they have a nice band playing in the corner which always helps the beers go down quicker.

 Another beer from Feral is RUST which is another strong Boris Yeltsin style Belgian 6% Abbey ale beer, and is on tap at the brewery so you can wrap ya lips around a glass of the rusty stuff.
It has a dark cooper / reddish Noosa Heads surfer girl body, with Queenslander Banana yeast notes (what do these fellas put in these bloody beers). At a strong six percent it settles nicely in the beer-gut, and surprising goes down quicker then a twenty buck hooker.

If ya gonna try something new then I reckon ya should give the taster a try, fairdinkum if ya haven't got a smile on ya dial after sinking six small glasses of brew then I suppose a naked poster of Elle Macpherson isn't gonna do much either.... crikey.

Now if your one of the older folk who drank beer back when they made ridge-didge stuff, then you would love to taste a beer named Feral's RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT. Fairdinkum this stuff comes in a mouth numbing 11.5%!!!

This beer is darker then a friggin' South African and can drop ya quicker then a round with Mike Tyson, which is easy to do as it has a very smooth taste with hints of chocolate on the palate... ever drank a snickers bar before! And the best bit about having a 'BORIS', is that it feels just like having a Port and nobody can beat having a Port at the end of a hard working day.... Good on ya Boris.

Now after sinking a few Borises or Hoppers then ya gonna need something in the guts, and the Feral is without doubt one of the best Restaurants in the Swan Valley.

As you can see you can either impress ya sheilah with some real 5 star grouse tucker, or sit out the back over looking the vineyard sinking ya teeth into a beaut burger with chips.

 So if ya want a top-notch night out to impress the misses or trying to get the leg over with the girlfriend, The Feral Brewery is without doubt one of Notsoskinnys real beaut night outs. It get's the double thumb's up because not only is it one of the best places to sink some of the Swan Valleys most mouth watering brews, but also has some of the best barmaids that you can lay the old eyes on... life doesn't get much better then this.

 'Good on ya Boris'