Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gary the goat

Well anyone who knows yours truly knows I love Australia and anything that's Australian, so years ago I stumbled across a couple of aussie comics who couldn't be more aussie then Ned Kelly. And they were the comic duo Jimbo and Gary the goat, who are becoming aussie icons of the You Tube world. Years ago (2011) Jimbo brought Gazza for the cost of a carton of beer from a bloke in Gingin Western Australia, and the couple have been inseparable mates ever since.

Jimbo started work as a clown playing Kiddies Parties around Sydney during the 90's before he started doing stand-up comedy in Pubs. To earn a crust he spent some time working overseas at the famous Tokyo's Korakuen Dome amusement Park, playing a clown while also touring throughout Japan on his unofficial world tour. 

But nowadays since he teamed up with Gazza he pretty well stays in Australia, can you imagine all the red tape to go throught to get Gazza through customs Australia! Over the time the couple have traveled around they have visited every state with shows in places like The Exchange Hotel in Footscray Melbourne, Magnum's nightclub Airlie beach Queensland. Cecil Hotel in Zeehan Tasmania, Winnellie Hotel Darwin NT, Iron Knob Hotel SA, Dunedoo Hotel NSW, Longueville sporting club, Lane cove NSW, And in his home town of Western Australia he's played pubs like The Kalgoorlie Hotel, Diver's Tavern Broome, Mernaid Hotel Dampier, Lake King Tavern, Katanning Hotel, and The Legends bar in Perth, and heaps more then we can mention in fact he's played in more then 200 Pubs in Western Australia alone mate.

Gazza at Bondi Beach mate 

Most people seem to like the idea of the couple and they love following Gary's adventures, and I think the main reason is because he's clips are usually 'uncensored'. Which is the main reason why Gary the Goat’s YouTube channel was suspended awhile back, apparently for breaching the site’s community guidelines, which prohibit a variety of content such as nudity and graphic violence.
Videos of Gazza and Jimbo don’t feature violence and only Gazza turns up naked. But their is heaps of swearing and their do have a go at some mobs. Under 'YouTube' rules, anyone can 'flag' a video they deem offensive, with YouTube staff then reviewing the content and making a ruling.
Jimbo reckons “I’m not going to pull it down if I’ve got 20,000 likes and three people are upset.”

Gazza with his 'Go-Pro' or as he likes to call it 'The Goat-Pro'

 As for Gazzas popularity he's a little bloody legend with just over 1.5 million fans on his facebook, and just over 100,000 subscribers in You Tube. To put this into perspective, he has more then double the fan base then Neighbours (608,864) in terms of Facebook popularity, and has more than five times as many fans as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (277,678). But even with his popularity this hairy goat has been in more trouble then a box of worms on a fishing trip, with councils and even the coppers, including a threat by a local council to have him impounded at Castle hill. In 2013 Gary was taken to court by the New South Wales police after eating vegetation outside the Sydney's Museum for Contemporary Arts, though the $440 fine was dismissed by the judge in court.

Here's a couple of the clips from Gazzas 'You Tube' channel

Kevin the c#$t 
(Bad Language mate)

End of nine month tour with highlight reel mate

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Notsoskinnys Top 6 Illustrated sheilahs 2016

Well this is the first time at Notsoskinnys that we have decided to put in a list of top shelf sheilahs from the bible for blokes....Sports Illustrated! So with a list as long as a wet weekend, your's truly sweated over some ripper google clips to come up with our ridge-didge Top six sheilahs for 2016. And to start us off we head over seas to the Viking country of Danmark....

In the little Danish township of Hillerød we find a beaut little 24 year old Nina Agdal, who has already featured as a covergirl for the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Agdal appeared in a 2013 Super Bowl television commercial for Carl's Jr, following in the footsteps of Big chested Kim Kardashian, Leggie Paris Hilton and Kate (oYo) Upton.

She did do a little part in the movie Don Jon which isn't really worth mentioning but atleast she gave it a burl, and this ripper beauty was Ranked No37 on Maxim's "Hot 100" crikey can you imagine how good the other 36 above her must be!

Over her young years she has modeled for Billabong, Macy's, and 'God's gift to all blokes' Victoria's Secret. This happy 5 foot and 9 inches Aries loves swimming, modeling and just hanging out with her boyfriend (bugger... as if I had a shot), she also has a net wealth of $300,000 (as of 11/11/2015) so in the modeling game she is just at the starting post and shouldn't be long before she's up in the millions. 

.................................................No 5 ................................................

The next beaut Illustrated sheilah in her cossie to hit our list is the 21 year old Californian Hailey Clauson, this pearl of a women is the face of Gucci and is just mouth watering to have a gander at. You might think that the life of a Illustrated model is all drinking health drinks and eating carrot sticks, but fairdinkum Hailey reckons she loves a grouse Pizza and were not talking bloody vegetarian! Give her a Super supreme and shes in heaven.... What a woman!

And Hailey is pouring in the moolah as she's been working her butt off with agents having her doing Illustrated Photo shoots / Fashion shows and the runway, with mobs like Dsquared2 and Gucci keeping this piece of beauty busy. So with all this going on she has gained a net worth of $2 million and counting, strewth so she's good for a loan mate.

Hailey is without doubt a smoking hot sheilah with a you-beaut head on her, and as she gets older I reckon it won't be long before she's doing some small parts on the big screen... watch this space mate.

................................................No 4 ...............................................

Emily DiDonato is a born n' bred New Yorker and is very proud of it, this 5 foot ten stunner has been modeling for eight years professionally and is loving it. She is most recognized for her work with Victoria Secret and also for being the face of Maybelline New York.

When she was younger Emily was known as a tomboy who loved playing in the all boys hockey league, where she played for many years and hockey remains her favorite sport. Before striking modeling gold and booking jobs all around the world, Emily worked in a pizzeria, which was her first job. She continued to work there after she started modeling because she loved it so much.... sounds like she's a good egg.

This blue eyed 25 year old glamour is managed by IMG Models and has amassed a ripper couple of million since starting modeling, but she still loves hanging out at her apartment in New York. 'After a long day of work my favorite thing to do is put on my gym gear, veg out and watch horrible reality TV'.

................................................No 3 ...............................................

Sun-drenched swimsuit and fashion coat hanger Sofia Resing is our No3 on the list, she was born in the carnival capital of the world Brazil, land of the flamboyant costumes and of cause the samba!. Sofs is a passionate surfer and loves nothing better then getting herself all wet!.... crikey! and has been modeling for over 4 years now.

Sofs is known as one of the hottest fashion models to ever come out of 'The land of Parrots', she loves hanging out with her sister Ingrid (which is a traditional Brazilian name ha,ha). And like I mentioned before this super hot beauty loves catching a wave, which is what she does most weekends when she's not traveling around the world.

This hot little brown eyed Brazilian spunk is pulling on the swim togs for the first time for her 'Sports Illustrated swimsuit' debut, so being a 'Rookie' in amongst these young glamors shouldn't hurt her to much. As she has been modeling her 32B sized bod for 4 years now so strolling down the runway is a piece of cake, and as she has signed to agencies around the world it's not like she's short of a crust.

................................................No 2 ...............................................

At No2 is a 23 year old blonde blue eyed american Glamourpuss  by the name of Hannah Ferguson, and in her photos she was just breathtaking. She grew up on a farm in San Angelo, West Texas. This Texan who now lives in New York City like all good models, grew up in a very strict family as the baby of five kids who's parents were both Marines! That's right her mum was a drill instructor and her father was a friggin' sniper, crikey imagine poping over to her place to take her out on a date. She would be standing their with her 32D boobs poking out, and her father would look at you and say 'Home at 1900 hours' and you would say 'Bloody oath' (not a friggin' minute latter ha,ha)

She starred in a Carl's Jr's 2015 Super Bowl commercial where she had to wrap her laughing gear around a scrumptious burger, latter it was claimed she had taken a bite out of almost 70 burgers during filming, so she got paid and a good feed at the same time .... lucky bugger. This gorgeous specimen also works on ads for Victoria's Secret, and Sports Illustrated where in one photo shoot she had a 18-hour body-painting session (get a mental picture of that!), which when viewed left nothing to the imagination! Strewth.

Even though she has a slim curvy body shape she has very large natural hooters, thus accounting for why she is known as a perfect swimsuit model. She says she can't live without her cell phone (show me a sheilah who can), and to relax she loves to bake (that's another plus) and go to the gun range! (Oh)


................................................No 1 ...............................................

And our No1 Illustrated swimwear model is Samantha Hoopes and isn't she just a little ripper, this breathtaking blonde beauty comes from the little bush town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. This Aquarius is the youngest of five sisters and went to University at Penn State where she earned a degree in Business, so shes a real smart egg. 'I’m from the East Coast so I love field hockey. I played in middle school but not in high school. Since I was modeling, they told me not to mess with field hockey because I would always get bruises.'


Sammie givin' us a couple of pointers about modeling.

 Hoopes is currently signed with Elite LA and Select Model Management London, her day job is as a  fashion model for Guess and also side job with Levi's Jeans. Also she keeps busy working with Beach bunny swimwear, which is why she's rolling in the moolah as this 25 year old spunk is worth just a tad over 5 million.... crikey!

This stunningly beautiful Pennsylvanian beauty is just
drop dead gorgeous, and if ya ask any red blooded bloke what is the first thing that immediately catches your attention ??? Well it's pretty easy it has to be her great personality ha,ha.... yeah right okay what could be her second and third best things then ha,ha....Well it could be that gorgeous body measurements of 34D-24-34!!!

This smoking hot slim waist and large breasted top sort is renowned for appearing in the 50th anniversary swimsuit Illustrated, and also because she has become an Instagram superstar with more than 600,000 dedicated followers. Who sit back each week reading and having a gander at her beaut profile, who wouldn't with a charming face, beautiful smile fair skin and .... well... those huge bouncing Buddhas! ha,ha.

She is known for her posts in

Stone the crows!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Darby street pies

Well if ya ever in the township of Newcastle maybe sinking a few at the old Delany Hotel and your feeling a bit peckish, then you could do yourself a bloody big favour and pop into a little pie shop located on Darby street cooks hill. Fairdinkum it rates up their with having a feed in some posh up-tight restaurant in Spain, and it won't cost ya as much to take the misses out for a feed either. Fairdinkum treat your old girl to an entree of a cheese n' bacon sausage roll, and so you don't look to much like a tight-ass you can throw in a can of coke on the side. Followered with a mains of a ripper Potato beef pie with a sauce sachet to take away, now this should impress your sheilah as you didn't use the open bottle of sauce on top of the pie warmer (a little tip from yours truly - she might think your got a bit of money hidden away). And all that should set ya back about $8.60 so why not finish off with a mouth watering Vanilla Slice, at only $1.80 each let's be fairdinkum your still way in front for a cheap feed.

Darby street pies  

It  mightn't look all that flash on the outside but once ya wrap ya laughing gear around one of their legendary pies, you'd think you've just kissed a bloody angel!

 Now let's be fairdinkum is their anything in life that is better then sinking the old pearlywhites into an Australian icon, and if it's covered with the old Deadhorse! then your that much closer to heaven mate. The legendary bakers at Darby street use the most ripper ingredients, which have stood the test of time as the place started cooking up their world famous (well in Newcastle anyway) pies since 1969. And with now more then 27 bloody stores they must be doing something right, and that's mainly in the competitive pricing with the average Pie coming in at a beaut $2.50! Fairdinkum tell me anywhere else where you can grab 6 ripper pies for $10, or 6 sausage rolls for $5 crikey that's pretty good for a hand-warmer.

 Darby street pies come with an unmistakable taste of the Hunter with their 'Jennifer Hawkins flavorsome golden brown pastry' and their better looking then the average four'n twenty from the local servo, and with a meaty body as seductive as a see through nightie on Kylie Minogue you can't help but sink the mouth into it's heavenly body. So if your ever in the neighborhood and you've had a few coldies and the tummies starting to rumble, you can do a lot worse then trying these world famous Darby street pies and while your at it don't forget one for the misses.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Paige VanZant

Now I've always been happy to support someone with a bit of publicity and of cause if there disciplined, athletic, and 'bychance' a good-sort then there's a bloody big chance that i'll chuck them on here. And in this case this young american sheilah really fit's the bill, her name is Paige VanZant and she's a little pock-rocket who is based in what they call 'The Biggest little city in the world' RENO.

And what sport does this little sheilah play in I hear you ask? Well Paige who goes by the nickname '12 Gauge' is a professional cage fighter! Fairdinkum your's truly couldn't think of a better sport, then putting two ripper young sheilahs into a cage and letting them beat the hell out of themselves.

Paige beating two shades of shit out of the sheilah with the 'big chocko name' Amber Stautzenberger during her second match, she went on to win this fight and make her record two from two.

This fight was her third match and she was up against a real punching machine named Tecia Torres, which she lost on 'Unanimous Decison'... bugger but since then she's got herself up off the canvas and has had another two wins.

With another win against a roughnut named Courtney Himes (Submission), '12 Gauge' had her last fight the other night against a beaut looking sheilah Kailin.

This was a real beaut fight with Paige coming away with the victory after winning by TKO, it was a ripper fight to watch as there were a fair bit of climbing over each other, and a bit of the old 'snatch n' grab' to watch.

I think way down inside of all us blokes is a real love of a great 'Catfight' and cage fighting is where we can have a real ripper gander at one. Sheilahs bashing the crap out of each other... as the big fella Darrel Eastlake would say 'Oh yeah SENSATIONAL move ooohhhh huge effort that'!

Now with a record (29/11/14) of 4 wins 1 lose.