Friday, November 28, 2014

Paige VanZant

Now I've always been happy to support someone with a bit of publicity and of cause if there disciplined, athletic, and 'bychance' a good-sort then there's a bloody big chance that i'll chuck them on here. And in this case this young american sheilah really fit's the bill, her name is Paige VanZant and she's a little pock-rocket who is based in what they call 'The Biggest little city in the world' RENO.

And what sport does this little sheilah play in I hear you ask? Well Paige who goes by the nickname '12 Gauge' is a professional cage fighter! Fairdinkum your's truly couldn't think of a better sport, then putting two ripper young sheilahs into a cage and letting them beat the hell out of themselves.

Paige beating two shades of shit out of the sheilah with the 'big chocko name' Amber Stautzenberger during her second match, she went on to win this fight and make her record two from two.

This fight was her third match and she was up against a real punching machine named Tecia Torres, which she lost on 'Unanimous Decison'... bugger but since then she's got herself up off the canvas and has had another two wins.

With another win against a roughnut named Courtney Himes (Submission), '12 Gauge' had her last fight the other night against a beaut looking sheilah Kailin.

This was a real beaut fight with Paige coming away with the victory after winning by TKO, it was a ripper fight to watch as there were a fair bit of climbing over each other, and a bit of the old 'snatch n' grab' to watch.

I think way down inside of all us blokes is a real love of a great 'Catfight' and cage fighting is where we can have a real ripper gander at one. Sheilahs bashing the crap out of each other... as the big fella Darrel Eastlake would say 'Oh yeah SENSATIONAL move ooohhhh huge effort that'!

Now with a record (29/11/14) of 4 wins 1 lose.