Friday, February 12, 2016

Darby street pies

Well if ya ever in the township of Newcastle maybe sinking a few at the old Delany Hotel and your feeling a bit peckish, then you could do yourself a bloody big favour and pop into a little pie shop located on Darby street cooks hill. Fairdinkum it rates up their with having a feed in some posh up-tight restaurant in Spain, and it won't cost ya as much to take the misses out for a feed either. Fairdinkum treat your old girl to an entree of a cheese n' bacon sausage roll, and so you don't look to much like a tight-ass you can throw in a can of coke on the side. Followered with a mains of a ripper Potato beef pie with a sauce sachet to take away, now this should impress your sheilah as you didn't use the open bottle of sauce on top of the pie warmer (a little tip from yours truly - she might think your got a bit of money hidden away). And all that should set ya back about $8.60 so why not finish off with a mouth watering Vanilla Slice, at only $1.80 each let's be fairdinkum your still way in front for a cheap feed.

Darby street pies  

It  mightn't look all that flash on the outside but once ya wrap ya laughing gear around one of their legendary pies, you'd think you've just kissed a bloody angel!

 Now let's be fairdinkum is their anything in life that is better then sinking the old pearlywhites into an Australian icon, and if it's covered with the old Deadhorse! then your that much closer to heaven mate. The legendary bakers at Darby street use the most ripper ingredients, which have stood the test of time as the place started cooking up their world famous (well in Newcastle anyway) pies since 1969. And with now more then 27 bloody stores they must be doing something right, and that's mainly in the competitive pricing with the average Pie coming in at a beaut $2.50! Fairdinkum tell me anywhere else where you can grab 6 ripper pies for $10, or 6 sausage rolls for $5 crikey that's pretty good for a hand-warmer.

 Darby street pies come with an unmistakable taste of the Hunter with their 'Jennifer Hawkins flavorsome golden brown pastry' and their better looking then the average four'n twenty from the local servo, and with a meaty body as seductive as a see through nightie on Kylie Minogue you can't help but sink the mouth into it's heavenly body. So if your ever in the neighborhood and you've had a few coldies and the tummies starting to rumble, you can do a lot worse then trying these world famous Darby street pies and while your at it don't forget one for the misses.