Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gary the goat

Well anyone who knows yours truly knows I love Australia and anything that's Australian, so years ago I stumbled across a couple of aussie comics who couldn't be more aussie then Ned Kelly. And they were the comic duo Jimbo and Gary the goat, who are becoming aussie icons of the You Tube world. Years ago (2011) Jimbo brought Gazza for the cost of a carton of beer from a bloke in Gingin Western Australia, and the couple have been inseparable mates ever since.

Jimbo started work as a clown playing Kiddies Parties around Sydney during the 90's before he started doing stand-up comedy in Pubs. To earn a crust he spent some time working overseas at the famous Tokyo's Korakuen Dome amusement Park, playing a clown while also touring throughout Japan on his unofficial world tour. 

But nowadays since he teamed up with Gazza he pretty well stays in Australia, can you imagine all the red tape to go throught to get Gazza through customs Australia! Over the time the couple have traveled around they have visited every state with shows in places like The Exchange Hotel in Footscray Melbourne, Magnum's nightclub Airlie beach Queensland. Cecil Hotel in Zeehan Tasmania, Winnellie Hotel Darwin NT, Iron Knob Hotel SA, Dunedoo Hotel NSW, Longueville sporting club, Lane cove NSW, And in his home town of Western Australia he's played pubs like The Kalgoorlie Hotel, Diver's Tavern Broome, Mernaid Hotel Dampier, Lake King Tavern, Katanning Hotel, and The Legends bar in Perth, and heaps more then we can mention in fact he's played in more then 200 Pubs in Western Australia alone mate.

Gazza at Bondi Beach mate 

Most people seem to like the idea of the couple and they love following Gary's adventures, and I think the main reason is because he's clips are usually 'uncensored'. Which is the main reason why Gary the Goat’s YouTube channel was suspended awhile back, apparently for breaching the site’s community guidelines, which prohibit a variety of content such as nudity and graphic violence.
Videos of Gazza and Jimbo don’t feature violence and only Gazza turns up naked. But their is heaps of swearing and their do have a go at some mobs. Under 'YouTube' rules, anyone can 'flag' a video they deem offensive, with YouTube staff then reviewing the content and making a ruling.
Jimbo reckons “I’m not going to pull it down if I’ve got 20,000 likes and three people are upset.”

Gazza with his 'Go-Pro' or as he likes to call it 'The Goat-Pro'

 As for Gazzas popularity he's a little bloody legend with just over 1.5 million fans on his facebook, and just over 100,000 subscribers in You Tube. To put this into perspective, he has more then double the fan base then Neighbours (608,864) in terms of Facebook popularity, and has more than five times as many fans as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (277,678). But even with his popularity this hairy goat has been in more trouble then a box of worms on a fishing trip, with councils and even the coppers, including a threat by a local council to have him impounded at Castle hill. In 2013 Gary was taken to court by the New South Wales police after eating vegetation outside the Sydney's Museum for Contemporary Arts, though the $440 fine was dismissed by the judge in court.

Here's a couple of the clips from Gazzas 'You Tube' channel

Kevin the c#$t 
(Bad Language mate)

End of nine month tour with highlight reel mate